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How To Know Your NHIF Number In Case You’ve Lost It

If you can’t find your NHIF number, no worries! You can still get it quickly if you need it.

So, I misplaced my NHIF card and needed the number for some salary stuff. Before you get the card, you might need that number. I tried a few things, but calling them and sending a message to the number below worked best for me.

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1. You can send a message and you’ll get your NHIF number

ID*your Id number * e.g. ID 12345678

Here’s what you do: Text the word ID followed by your ID number to 21101. They’ll send you a message with your NHIF membership number, the last month you paid, and your employer’s name if needed.

2. Call the NHIF toll-free number -NHIF Toll Free Line 0800 720 601

Just give them a call and ask for your NHIF membership number. They’ll help you out, no problem. Also, if you’ve lost your card, you can ask where to get a replacement nearby. When I lost mine, I popped into NHIF for a replacement. The lady I spoke to was super nice; she just asked for my ID number and gave me the number right away.

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3. Reach them on social media

If everything else fails, give social media a shot. Tweet at NHIF Kenya on Twitter; they’re pretty quick to respond.

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